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Die Eltern Cindy und Mike wollen mit ihren Kindern Kinsey und Luke noch einmal gemeinsam Urlaub machen, bevor Kinsey aufs Internat geschickt wird. Aus Kostengründen wollen sie diesen im abgelegenen Wohnwagenpark des Onkels verbringen. Doch dort. Es könnte der Beginn einer schaurigen Bekanntschaft sein, die womöglich mit dem Tod endet. Den ersten Teil, „The Strangers“ von Bryan Bertino mit Liv Tyler in. „The Strangers 2: Opfernacht“ kriegt nun zumindest zwei dieser drei Dinge ähnlich gut hin. Nachdem sie das vergangene Jahr über immer wieder für Probleme. The Strangers: Opfernacht ein Film von Johannes Roberts mit Christina Hendricks, The Strangers: Prey at Night The Strangers: Opfernacht Trailer (2) OV. Im Horrorsequel The Strangers: Opfernacht kehren die Maskenträger zurück, um eine neue Familie Strangers 2 Prey at Night - Clip pool Fight (English) HD.

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Zusätzlich zur Festivalpremiere kommt The Strangers 2: Prey at Night (bei uns The Strangers: Opfernacht) am Juni dann nämlich auch noch ganz. „The Strangers 2: Opfernacht“ kriegt nun zumindest zwei dieser drei Dinge ähnlich gut hin. Nachdem sie das vergangene Jahr über immer wieder für Probleme. The Strangers 2: Opfernacht Trailer. FSK 16|85 Min.|Kino: |Horror. Sunny Dixit. Christina Hendricks. Scream 5 — Paramount bringt Slasher-Sequel weltweit ins Kino. The Strangers. This Dark Endeavor. Don't Breathe. Learn more here Meist diskutierte Filme.

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The Strangers: Prey at Night - Kinsey kills and unmasks Dollface (Scene)

Strangers 2 - Black Water: Abyss – The Descent mit Krokodilen: Trailer hält die Luft an

In der darauffolgenden Nacht dringen drei maskierte Fremde in das abgelegene Haus ein, in dem beide die Nacht verbringen wollen. Green Room. Dann wird die Opfernacht zur Nacht der Opfer. strangers 2 The Strangers 2: Prey at Night (O.S.T.) - Kim Wilde, Adrian Johnston: Musik. Regie führte Bryan Bertino, der auch das Drehbuch schrieb. Inhaltsverzeichnis. 1 Handlung; 2 Kritiken; 3. The Strangers 2: Opfernacht Trailer. FSK 16|85 Min.|Kino: |Horror. Zusätzlich zur Festivalpremiere kommt The Strangers 2: Prey at Night (bei uns The Strangers: Opfernacht) am Juni dann nämlich auch noch ganz. Doch eins live krone der Film ebenso Melde dich an, um einen Kommentar zu schreiben. Kristina Kielblock Pfad der rache antonio banderas den Kommentaren. Bewerte : 0. Können 0 Kommentare Kategorie n : News. Sollte es zuletzt noch irgendwelche Zweifel an der Existenz von The Collector 3 gegeben haben, sind diese mit den Die Besten Horrorfilme. Mehr Infos: HD Deutsch. Teil 7 Jason im Blutrausch. Dass sie wiederkommen, war keine Frage, denn Autor und Regisseur Bryan Bertino setzte sich zeitnah an die Fortsetzung. FSK 18 [1]. strangers 2

Dollface Lea Enslin Pinup Mary Louise Casanta Aunt Sheryl Ken Strunk Uncle Marv Rachel Kuhn Waitress Leah Roberts Young Mother Preston Sadleir State Trooper Gabriel A.

Learn more More Like This. The Strangers Horror Thriller. You're Next Horror Mystery Thriller. Hell Fest Vacancy The Last House on the Left The Collector I Action Crime Horror.

Truth or Dare I The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Hostel: Part II Halloween I Hostel Jigsaw I Crime Horror Mystery. Edit Storyline A family's road trip takes a dangerous turn when they arrive at a secluded mobile home park to stay with some relatives and find it mysteriously deserted.

Taglines: Based on true events. Genres: Horror. Edit Did You Know? Trivia The director admittedly doesn't like slasher movies or home invasion movies.

Goofs When the Mom and daughter are leaning against the van talking early in the film, the daughter is showing a white bra strap.

In other scenes later when the daughter's bra strap is showing it's black, even though she never changed clothes.

Quotes Luke : I killed one of yours! How's that feel, huh? How does that fucking feel? Blu-ray which also contains an alternate ending as a bonus feature.

When he runs to the general store to call for police, Luke realizes he's not alone and escapes out to the swimming pool, where he overpowers Pin-Up Girl and stabs her to death.

An angry Man in the Mask approaches and attacks Luke in the pool, stabbing him in the back, leaving him to die in the swimming pool, but Kinsey finds Luke and extricates him out of the pool, before setting off to find help.

A deputy finds a disheveled Kinsey lying in the middle of the road, but before he can be of assistance, he is killed by Dollface. Kinsey is able to use the Deputy's shotgun to overpower and kill Dollface.

She uses her cigarette lighter to ignite a gasoline leak from both trucks, blowing them both up.

The Man in the Mask, however, survives the explosion and continues pursuing her in his truck engulfed in flames.

He exits and intends to attack her but falls to the ground, having died of his injuries. Kinsey flags down a passing truck for help, but they attempt to flee when they see the Man in the Mask appear, still alive, behind Kinsey.

She manages to climb into the back, but the Man in the Mask in pursuits, before Kinsey knocks him off of the truck by bashing him in the head with a baseball bat.

Some time later at a hospital, Luke is in a bed, recovering. Kinsey awakens from a nightmare. As she gets up, she hears the jack-in-the-box toy noise, along with a knocking at the door and the film ends.

According to Liv Tyler , star of the original film, Part II was slated for release in , but that did not occur.

Roberts said that while he was in Los Angeles, the producers of 47 Meters Down met him for dinner and asked if he could read a script called Prey At Night.

He liked the script and wondered if he wanted to get involved in a sequel despite having released the first film years before but finally accepted and decided to add his personal touch.

In February , it was announced that Johannes Roberts would be the sequel's new director, and that filming would commence during the summer of the same year.

Filming began in June in Covington, Kentucky and lower Cincinnati which concluded on July 10, On October 12, , Collider reported the film would be released on March 9, , by Aviron Pictures.

The website's critical consensus reads: " The Strangers: Prey at Night may appeal to fans of the original who've been jonesing for a sequel, but its thin story and ironic embrace of genre tropes add up to a bloody step back.

It received mostly positive reviews from fans of the genre. Bloody Disgusting gave the film a positive review, saying, " The Strangers: Prey At Night really takes The Strangers to the next level, and serves as a perfect introduction to The Strangers for new horror fans.

The central killers are plenty scary, and some of the images on display would make John Carpenter proud. It is that relentless seclusion, heightened by a haunting soundtrack of otherwise harmless songs.

I was breathless from start to finish. Kudos to Roberts on his best movie yet! He was wise to amp up the atmosphere with a kick-ass original score and flawless cinematography.

Glenn Kenny of The New York Times gave the film a mixed review and compared sequences of the film to Lucio Fulci 's Zombi and the slasher film The Mutilator , adding: "If you recognize those films, you might find yourself mildly diverted by this tawdry, occasionally effective shock-delivery device.

Watching it with a demonstrative crowd in a Times Square theater proved to this former grindhouse devotee that sometimes you can go home again, at least momentarily.

Audience members will be too busy sighing at the screen to be scared. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Theatrical release poster.

Bryan Bertino Ben Ketai. The Numbers. Nash Information Services. Retrieved October 27, Deadline Hollywood. Mirella C.

Phellype M. Simplesmente Fascinante! Leia Mais. Angela S. Voltou com tudo e conseguiu se superar!

A Netflix acertou demais em tudo o que se relaciona ao tema. Ricardo L. Obra prima! Gustavo N.

Auch der Regieposten wurde umbesetzt: Inszeniert wurde click here Sequel diesmal. Peter Sova. Nach dem Verkauf von Rogue an Relativity liegt es nun in ihren Händen, was damit thirteen. Sie terrorisieren das Paar ohne erkennbaren Grund, schrecken nicht vor Gewalt zurück und verhindern source jede Möglichkeit, ihnen zu entkommen. Nun ja, sagen wir es check this out so: Der in der Zwischenzeit aus dem Sequel ausgestieg Genau zehn Jahren nach seinen ersten Schandtaten meldet sich das mörderische Trio jetzt nämlich in deutschen Kinos zurück. See more, was dem Pärchen passiert, geschieht ihnen schlicht nur, weil sie im Haus sind.

Strangers 2 Video

The Strangers: Prey at Night (2018) KILL COUNT Retrieved March 11, After arriving, an unmasked Dollface knocks at their front door and asks for Tamara, but is turned away by Cindy. Views Read Edit View history. Taglines: Based true events. Title: The Strangers: Prey at Night

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